Why Triton Doors ?

Experience the Triton Doors Difference

From the very beginning, Triton Doors was and remains today, a pioneer in designing and manufacturing folding door systems. Our philosophy is to continually innovate and create quality, value and performance in every product we design. Triton Doors transform open spaces by removing the distinction between the indoors and outdoors. We test, engineer and develop every component of our door systems from the ground up in our pursuit to perfect the bifold door.


Our philosophy is to continually innovate and create quality, value and performance in every product we design. As a result, Triton Doors offer the most comprehensive yet distinctive product range of folding, sliding doors and swing door systems suitable for both commercial and residential applications for the complete matching door package. More importantly, from the moment the first Triton Door was made, we recognized that we were building more than just a door; we were offering our customers a lifestyle choice.

Mission Statement

Triton Doors mission is to provide innovative high quality products that are designed to transform our customer’s lifestyle with open spaces. Our product range and customer service are guaranteed and our extensive experience and product knowledge come from our focused manufacturing.


Our signature door panels are utilized throughout our folding, multi slide and swing door product range, creating a perfect match for all openings. Minimal, clean designs allow for panels to stack in alignment when open. Our narrow stiles and low profile rails create symmetry and allow more glass and natural light and are the preferred aesthetic of architects and designers or anyone with an appreciation for detail.

Comprehensive Range

As a single source manufacturer we offer the most diverse range of folding, sliding and swing doors for any architectural style in any environment. With a wide selection of material options and performance levels we can meet the needs of any commercial or residential project, large and small.


Our experience specializing in the development and refinement of products that open large spaces has given us an intimate understanding of how to create the most innovative door systems in the world. From door and window combinations, zero post corners, integrated screening solutions and hurricane ratings, our forward thinking and creative nature allows us to offer the most unique, functional and high performance options of any folding and sliding door.


Our manufacturing facility dedicated to making large door systems allows us to provide high quality products. Advanced lean manufacturing practices and quality assurance programs ensure the best quality and consistency, while extensive air, water, structural and thermal testing ensures we offer the protection a home needs.

Most important in our design philosophy is to incorporate the essential elements and features in our products that matter to the end user. As a result, we produce the best quality doors systemsavailable with the most value.

Support & Warranty

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff offer guidance in choosing the correct product and are always readily available for technical support. With an established base of dealers and certified installers across the US and beyond, assistance is available at any time wherever it is needed.

All Triton products are backed by our industry leading 10 year warranty.

Enhanced Lifestyle

Whether folding or sliding, Triton Doors create dramatically expanded interiors filled with natural light and open air, completely transforming space from the inside out. Open up a living room or kitchen to connect to the outdoors and entertain. Triton Doors will provide a healthier, more comfortable environment.